Bloodline Barons

The sport of coon hunting is steeped with history and tradition. The Bloodline Barons video series dives into the rarely seen world of high stakes competition and night hunting.

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Distribution of Bloodline Barons is digital, so as to be friendly to smart phones and tablets. So what we have are a bunch of five minute web friendly episodes. Kinda cool if ya think about it. They are free, with no commercials, and they are edited to run with full-on interest, and not lag like many reality series do. So they keep a fast pace and each episode tells a cool story.

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Thank Guys, Gals, Hunters and Sporting Dog Enthusiasts!

We’re getting great feedback on the episodes. We told y’all that we can make a tasteful reality hunting show about this great sport!
Our Cast Members are so fantastic to watch all with great personalities and their chemistry mixes very well!

Thanks to the Wives and Family of our Cast Members Steve R, Caz S, Previn B, Ricky H, “Big Dawg” Jake G and his lovely wife Nancy…erm I mean Gena!!!!!

Also, important thanks to our sponsor, Walmart! They have made this series possible!Thanks to Walmart

Vision Statement

The first season of Bloodline Barons is just the beginning. Our vision is to bring attention to all types of sport dog hunting: raccoon, bear, squirrel, rabbit, coyote. If somebody hunts it with a dog, we’re on it. Why? Because the tradition of hunting with dogs goes back to the earliest days of this country and that alone is worthy of recognition and documentation. But beyond that, the hunter-sport dog relationship is a special and unique one.

Hunting dogs have always been an extension of the hunter and a direct reflection of what that hunter knows about training, breeding, and the prey animal. Hunting dogs are something the hunter can never be: an unrelenting uber-athlete powered by four legs and quite literally, a one-track mind. When hunter and dog work together, they become one incredible being. In every hunting sequence we shoot, in every episode we produce, that is what we want you to see: hunter and dog becoming that incredible being – the ultimate apex predator.